VOICEBOOTH is set up for you in mind!

want to sing alone

Most of our booths are tailored to fit only 1 or 2 persons only. Sometimes we just have a song in our heads we need to belt out..alone.

just need to practice

If you are a serious singer or just want to practice to sound good at the party, this is the perfect placee for practice. All you need is $1 to sing a song.

want flexible room usage

We do not believe in locking you in for hours. With a minimum booking of 1 hour during peak hours and no lock-in times during normal hours, you just pay for how much you use. 

have an instrument disturbing the neighbours

Our karaoke system lets you change from a lyrics screen to a music score display. So please come with your trumpet or saxaphones if you need a place to practice. 

korean or k-pop singer

Voicebooth is opened by a korean for korean singers with korean systems. Korean songs are updated DAILY! So come on over our fellow korean singers!

VOICEBOOTH is opened by passionate shower singers, who believe in a wholesome karaoke experience

quality karaoke fitout with the BEST sound system from the BIGGEST karaoke company in South Korea.


budget friendly with flexibility in timing. no lock-in period! We just want you to sing! All you need is $1.00 to sing your favourite song.

environment is stylish and trendy. Specially tailor-maded for comfort and design. Please also come by for a drink or just to hang out! 


smiles will light your way in VOICEBOOTH. We believe in exceptional service that makes you feel like you never want to leave.




NO LOCK-IN PERIODS before 6pm!

Let your karaoke dreams come true at VOICEBOOTH!

Leave the music to us


We will leave the fun to you

매일 매일 신곡 업데이트! 고음질 반주!

1. 피부 탱탱!! 얼굴 동안!!

2. 여자는 S라인 남자는 정력 빵빵!

3. 다이어트 효과!

4. 우울증 해소!!

5. 남녀가 함께 들어갈 시 썸탈 확율 80%

코인 노래방의 효능

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